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One System and Fittings for Water and Gas

The UNIPEX™ system has been developed in response to the increasing demand for lead free plumbing systems in Australia.

UNIPEX™ utilizes one common fitting for both water and gas applications, eliminating the need to carry separate water and gas fittings.

UNIPEX™ Technical Manual (2.73MB)

Lead Free Fittings

The body of UNIPEX™ is made from a high-performance, lead free, DZR silicon brass. The crimp ring is made of high quality stainless steel which when used with the UNIPEX? crimping tool ensures a consistent reliable joint with both the UNIPEX™ water and gas pipes.

UNIPEX Fittings Image

UNIPEX Fittings Image 2

PEX-B Pipes

UNIPEX™ pipe is a high-quality cross-linked polyethylene PN20, SDR9 pipe, consisting of an inner core of PEX-B material encased in an outer layer of tough High-density polyethylene.

UNIPEX™ Water Pipe is used for potable (hot and cold), recycled and rain water systems as well as glycol systems.

UNIPEX PEX-B Water Pipe Image

UNIPEX™ Gas Pipe is a multilayer composite (PE-AL- PEX) gas pipe specifically for natural gas and LPG applications.

The pipe construction in made up of an internal PEXb inner layer encased in a layer of aluminium, which acts as a barrier layer, stopping gas migration, and an exterior layer of durable polyethylene to protect the aluminium layer.

UNIPEX PEX-B Gas Pipe Image


The UNIPEX™ system should always be installed in compliance with AS/NZS3500 for water applications and AS/NZS5601 gas applications.

UNIPEX™ Manual Tool

UNIPEX Manual Tool Image

UNIPEX™ Crimp Tool

UNIPEX Crimp Tool Image