Benton's Plumbing Supplies
Benton's Plumbing Supplies

Benton's are the Hot Water System Specialists, with an extensive range of Natural Gas, LPG, Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems available.

We stock a wide variety of Hot Water Systems and the rest can be ordered in. All Hot Water Systems sold by Benton's come with a full Manufacturer's Warranty. A prompt delivery service is available to all areas in Greater Melbourne.

Please contact your local Benton's Store via our Store Locator for very competitive pricing, availability and advice.




Types of Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Systems

Use LPG or Natural Gas to heat water stored in a tank. Available in Indoor and Outdoor models in 90L, 135L, 155L and 170L. All Gas Hot Water Systems are categorised by an Efficiency Rating out of 5 stars, with 5 Star Systems being the most efficient available.

Electric Storage Systems

Use electricity to heat water stored in a tank. Available in various sizes, including 25L, 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 215L, 315L and 400L with either Single or Twin Elements. Most models can be placed either indoors or outdoors. 25L and 50L are available with a plug and lead to connect to a conventional power point.

Gas Instantaneous Systems

Gas Instantaneous Systems provide an endless supply of hot water through a continuous flow system that heats water as if flows through the system. Water temperature can be set to a specific temperature by in house controllers or in the unit. Available in Indoor or Outdoor models. Instantaneous Systems are classified by the amount of water they heat per minute, the most common is 26L/min.

Solar Systems

Use the Sun's heat to heat water stored in a tank. Water capacity is boosted by either an Electric, LPG or Natural Gas Booster.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are energy efficient electric hot water units that heat water by heating air in the unit that in turn heats the water in the tank. They are an alternative to Solar Hot Water Systems, saving almost as much energy and green house gas emissions, but without the Solar Panels. Heat Pump Hot Water Systems receive extensive Rebates from the Victorian and Federal Governments, but only when Natural Gas is not available to the building.