Benton's Finer Bathrooms
Benton's Finer Bathrooms

Benton's is proud of it's extensive envolvement throughout the Community throughout Victoria. Below are a few of our latest Projects:

Glenroy West Primary School Playground Redevelopment

The North Western Melbourne Community has come together to redevelop an unused Tennis Court at Glenroy West Primary School into a brilliant playground for the School Children. The project has been organised by and featured on Vassili's Garden to Kitchen, a Television Program screening on Channel 31 in Melbourne. Benton's Plumbing Supplies supported the Project by donating a large range of Plumbing Supplies.

Glenroy West Overview

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Glenroy West Primary 1
Glenroy West Primary 2
Glenroy West Primary 3
Glenroy West Primary 4

Doutta Galla Tennis Club

The Doutta Galla Tennis Club is a small Club in Essendon North with approximately 150 Members, with three Tennis Courts available for Member to use for regular Competition or Social Tennis. Benton's Plumbing Supplies has been involved with the Club for over two decades is a proud sponsor of the Club.

Doutta Galla Tennis Club
Doutta Galla Tennis Club

Keilor Gift

The Keilor Gift is an Athletic competition held at the Keilor Sporting Club each year during February, with over 5,000 Fans attending each year. The Competition has a proud history of many over 60 years. The Gift features professional Athletics events, Wood Chopping, Children's Entertainment and spectacular Fireworks. Benton's Plumbing Supplies has been supporting the Keilor Gift for many years.