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The Pexal pipe system has been developed to speed installation and increase functionality: with just one type of pipe and one type of fitting, you can install your gas system.

The Pexal multi-layer pipe offers the advantages of both metal and plastic.

Metals' negative aspects such as corrosion, toxicity, scaling and rigidity are eliminated by the PE-X layers surrounding the pipe.

Contact between the brass fitting and the aluminum pipe is prevented thanks to a seal which fits between the end of the pipe and the brass fitting. This means that the system is entirely protected against electro chemical corrosion.

Pexal Crimper

Pexal is fully approved to AS 5601 for natural gas and LP gas applications and to AS 4176.8-2010 - Multilayer pipes for pressure applications and ISO 17484-1:2006.

Licence number: IP00083 AS4176 SPEC 438

Download the Pexal Standards Certificate and Technical Details document.

Pexal Pipe

DR brass fittings allow the system to be installed below ground or in concrete with no extra work. As Pexal uses DR brass, the fittings do not need to be wrapped in tape before being buried. For under ground installation allow 450mm cover and a yellow marking tape must be buried 100mm above the Gas pipe.

Pexal Pipe is manufactured using the highest quality materials, this process allows the highest temperature rating of 80 °C ambient temperature. The pipe has an intermediate layer of longitudinally but-welded aluminum.

A Dewalt 18 Volt Hydraulic Crimping Tool is required to use the Pexal system. This tool applies a pre-determined amount of force to every joint, therefore not leaving room for human error.

The Pexal Gas piping system can be run directly to any Gas Meter, using a crimp to 25mm MI Elbow. Any Pipe subject to Ultra Violet light must have protection against degradation. This can be as simple as painting with UV stable paint of lagging with a UV stable material.

Pexal Installation 1
Pexal Installation 2

Pexal Installation 3
Pexal Installation 4

Pexal pipe comes in lengths and coils:

Pexal Pipe
Pexal Fittings
Pexal Pipe

This system can be clipped using standard plastic clips for most types of cross-linked pipes, for example Pro-fit and Sharkbite.

One of the key advantages of Pexal gas pipe is the amount of pipe and fittings that have been approved for use. View the approvals at SAI GLOBAL.

More Information

Download a Brochure (PDF, 1.4MB)

Visit the manufacturer, Valsir's, website.

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